Worship Team

Singer, songwriter, and author Matt Redman once stated that “when you face up to the glory of God, you will find yourself face down in worship.” Through the act of worship we thank God for His blessings, seek out His will for us, and declare our love for Him because of what He has done for us through His Son Jesus. Worship takes many forms and one of those forms is through singing and music. In fact Psalm 150 exhorts us to make music one of the means by which we worship God.

With this in mind, Evergreen Family Fellowship desires to worship God through contemporary songs of praise. But our music worship is not just limited to contemporary songs, but will often include modern takes on traditional hymns. However, no matter what song is being sung, we want our times of worship to bring us closer to God and to demonstrate our affection and thanksgiving to Him.

Evergreen Family Fellowship Worship Team

Danna Dean / Joyce Hutcherson / Linda Birchfield / Richard Senter / Heather Senter / Luke Senter/ Noah Senter/ Jackson Senter/ Carl Townsend/ Patricia Townsend/ Farris Moody

JESUS, The Way, The Truth, The Life.