On Senter

Not too long ago a prophet told us to draw the net again that we would have a catch because it was a new time. We have been witnessing to those who come into the office and have found that there is a new openness to the Gospel. We are finding that a good number of people are responding positively to an invitation to receive Christ. We have some who reject or want to wait until later. I am convinced that now is the time for us to renew our witnessing efforts and that we will in due time see many come into our church. We need to prepare for the harvest.


In the next couple of months we will begin to upgrade some of our equipment and renovate some more of our rooms to prepare for the influx of people. In the meantime we are also praying for laborers for the harvest. People who know how to minister to people of all ages and cultures are needed. We will have the opportunity to train some of these workers ad some will come already trained.


I am grateful for a congregation who expresses love and acceptance to those who come and visit with us. We are God’s visible instruments of love to all who come in contact with our congregation. Thank you for being so loving and responsive to a diverse group of people. Not everyone will respond as we would want, and some will try to take advantage of us, but we must not be offended. We must be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and deal with each one with understanding and patience.


Our job here is not to build a church, but to build people or to make disciples. God will will build the church. I know that we are too small for what God wants us to do and I am expecting to see an increase in the coming days. We have prayed for years that God would bless our church in such a way that only He would get the credit for it. I believe that this time is near. We must be careful to give Him the praise for all that he is doing. Great is His Faithfulness!

Bro Joe