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Hello friends,

I pray that you are well. As I began to pray this morning the phrase came to mind, ” more than the watchman for the morning.” I read the Psalms often so I have read Psalms 130:6 many times and had never given a whole lot of thought about those watching for the morning. The more I study the scriptures, the more I realize that there is inexhaustible revelation. I know I often read the word too fast as if the more quantity I get the better off I am, but there are precious nuggets to be found in meditating upon the word. So this morning when this phrase comes to mind, I ask what is its spiritual significance? Here are a few thoughts I hope will encourage you.

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I do hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than those who watch for the morning— Yes, more than those who watch for the morning. Psalms 130:6

The psalmist finds himself in the position of waiting on the Lord for deliverance. It seems that he is placing his hope on promises he has been given by the Lord. He was probably in a position where some us of now find ourselves or have been and that is recognizing that God is our only hope. He is more desirous of God’s hand moving on his behalf than the watchmen are for morning. The implication here is that the watchmen long for the morning, but even more so he longs for God’s deliverance. So why is it that watchmen long for the morning?

Let’s look at the responsibility of the watchmen. In those days there were usually three watches in the night.(Remember Jesus walking on water in the third watch of the night.) The last watch was usually 2am to sunrise. The watchman usually had a place on the wall in a tower so that he could see for distance in all directions. He had to be observant and alert for he was given the great responsibility of warning the city of an approaching enemy or enemy activity. An incompetent watchman could put his entire city at risk. If he failed to warn his people they could be overrun and easily defeated. A watchman who fell asleep during his watch could cause the destruction of his city. The competent watchman kept his eyes and ears open and was sensitive to unusual sights or sounds. He was not ignorant of enemy operations and knew what to look for.

It was an indispensable duty. You can imagine that there were times when it seemed morning would never come. Word may have come that there were marauding bands in the area or possibly invading armies so there were nights of stress. There were times where they were worn out from the pressure and concern they felt. They were awake when everyone else was comfortably in their beds.

It is not difficult to understand why they were anxious for the morning. Most of us must admit that even if we love our jobs we look forward to quitting time and even if we don’t you still have to rest. With the dawning of the new day comes the sunlight and with sunrise there would be the release from duty. They could see clearly now and there would be an opportunity for rest.

As we look at the church today some of you have been called to be watchmen on the wall. Some have recognized this calling and have been there faithfully seeing things in their spirits and hearing the sounds that are coming forth. You have intercepted things through prayer and there have been times when you have had to speak forth warning. You have worked in the obscurity of night with few recognizing the importance of your calling. There have been times when you have grown weary on the wall and you have hoped anxiously for the morning. You have longed for the light that you might have clarity and vision. Friend, it is not yet time to come down from the wall, but know that the Father is sending reinforcements and refreshment. Some of you have a hot cup of coffee coming your way. Your morning will come soon, but there must first be those who are young in the Spirit who you must train to have eyes in the darkness and then you will see with clarity the purpose for which you were stationed on the wall and you will enter into your rest.

I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth. Is. 62:6,7

The watchmen are the intercessors. In their intimacy with Lord they are often given prophetic understanding, discernment, and authority. As a pastor I would like to personally thank those who have faithfully stood on the wall crying out on behalf of the church. Thank you for praying for me.

So in closing if I am waiting on the Lord, hoping in His word, more desirous of His deliverance than a watchman on the wall, I have would have to say I have gotten serious with the Lord. There are promises for those who wait on the Lord. Enter a season of renewed strength.

I bless you today. As I write this I know I don’t see or know who’ll read this, but I just feel the Lord’s love for you welling up in my heart. He loves you so much. He loves you so much, it bears repeating. Be blessed today my friends.

      In His love,

       Herb Dean