Off Senter Jun ’10



Our church is in transition.  Jesus has told us to go to the other side.  Remember the feeding of the five thousand as recorded by Mark?  After dismissing the multitude, Jesus put the disciples into a boat and told them to go to the other side.


They tried to obey but a storm came up and even though they rowed hard against the wind they did not get very far.  In the middle of the night and in the middle of the storm, they see Jesus walking on the water.  They are afraid and cry out with fear.  Jesus speaks and assures them that It is He and not a ghost.  Peter responds by asking to come to Jesus on the water.  Jesus gives him permission and Peter starts.  He becomes fearful and begins to sink.  Jesus rescues him, ends the storm and gets the boat, disciples and all to the other side.


God wants us to develop a healing ministry, a prophetic culture, and provide an atmosphere that encourages the operation of the spiritual gifts.  We have made a start, but haven’t made it very far.


We, like the disciples (seasoned sailors/fishermen) are more comfortable fighting the storm in the boat.  We have methods we have used in the past that have gotten us through.  But like Peter, we need to get out of the comfort of the boat to be with Jesus.   Without Him we can do nothing; with Him all things are possible.


We can’t rely on past successes or familiar methods or even familiar prayers.  God is calling us to new areas and methods of service and ministry.  It is unknown water for us and we must seek His presence, His instruction and His help.


Let us be attentive and obedient as He says to us, “Come heal the sick,” “ prophesy,”” give a word of knowledge” or whatever else He may tell us to do.  It is time for us to get out of the boat.


                                              Bro. Joe