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Mar-April 2010


March – April 2010 Evergreen is Ministering Jesus told us as His disciples to go into all the world and preach the good news.  There are many ways to do that and folks in Evergreen are being faithful to the tasks. Giving is an expression of God’s loving provision and Evergreen people have always been very generous.  From offerings for Gideons to shoes for Haiti, buckets of Hope, Christmas Boxes, and sponsoring short term missionaries (Aaron, Rick, Linda and Richard); evergreen people just keep on giving and giving cheerfully. Giving is not all that we do.  There are people who are involved in CSM, Prison Ministry, Intercessory Prayer groups, shut-in visitation, children’s ministry, praying for the sick, witnessing to people in the market places and counseling or encouraging families and individuals.  The list goes on and is as varied as is our members. God has certainly blessed our church and is using us to be a blessing to others.  I believe that our being used by God will increase and become more effective.  God is already pouring out His Spirit in this area and good things are happening.  I am glad that Evergreen is poised to be right in the middle of the action. The natural and necessary response to what God is doing is worship.  We are praying that God will pour out His Spirit of worship on our congregation and that each one of us will become more passionate in our individual worship.  Worship is a necessary life-style if we are to carry out the commission of our Lord.  With praise and thanksgiving we enter His presence and tune our hearts to hear what He says.  When we hear, we know what we are to do.  As we make ourselves available, He provides the power.  We hear and obey, He does the work and we rejoice in His goodness.  Keep up the good work!                                                                                  Bro.  Joe